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Ware is where? Right here with you. Our well-trained team of experienced consultants and client service agents has just one purpose: to help you with the design, pricing, compliance, communication and management of your benefits plan. One example of our commitment is our investment in client software and informational guides to legislative and regulatory issues.

At Ware, we are absolutely prepared to walk the entire way with you. Contact us to learn more.


Make the most of it when it comes to benefit plan management – maximum value for your company and maximum value for your employees. The Ware Company leverages its strength in the industry to find the carriers and specific benefit mix that helps you best achieve your goals.

To entice and retain key employees, you need an attractive benefits package. Ware can put that together for you, helping you explain the details of your package to employees and show them how it compares to other packages. That way, they can appreciate the true value of the benefits you’re offering them. And that doesn’t just help them; it helps you, too.

Contact us to learn more.