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Today, as the world gets smaller and faster, as markets compete globally and cutting-edge technology becomes a necessity, the Ware Company has continued to exceed changing demands, far surpassing our core business begun in 1961. Businesses and individuals with complex insurance and risk management needs continue to have those needs met through the commitment of Ware.

Take a look at our case reports, and see some of the hard work that has made us a complete commercial and personal insurance agency on a global scale. Then contact us and let us make a difference in your world.

“The Ware Company is one of the most knowledgeable and professional agencies that I work with. They have a plan and they know where they’re going with it.”

Charlie Enroughty
Regional Manager, The Iroquois Group

business insurance : comprehensive insurance

Protect your hard-earned business. Ware’s Commercial Division can help you do just that, reducing your risk and taking advantage of opportunity with a vast knowledge and a host of resources. Our team includes business insurance specialists who offer you a wealth of expertise in mitigating corporate risk and maximizing asset efficiency. What’s not to like? While most insurance agencies you’ll find are trying to sell you as many high-priced products as possible, the Ware Company’s goal is to offer you customized solutions so you need to buy less insurance, and, at the same time, convert your potential risk into potential profit.

At Ware, we put our powerful resources into controlling your risk by management, transfer and avoidance.

Our commercial risk management expertise includes:

Our Business Insurance professionals have experience covering virtually all industry segments. Contact us, and we’ll make sure you meet those experts.