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PERSONAL & FAMILY : private Line client insurance

For High Net Worth individuals and families
Ware provides Risk Management for LifeSM – an extensive range of property and casualty insurance products and services for those who seek comprehensive financial protection.
This exclusive risk coverage includes comprehensive protection, customized asset coverage, Concierge-level Claims Service, and competitive pricing.

Please note that certain conditions and restrictions apply.

Our underwriter offers exclusive Risk Management Services to complement the insurance offerings, including

  1. Services for Fine Homes
    Experts have a thorough understanding of Fine Home rebuilding costs.
  2. Disaster Planning
    We will visit your property to identify potential threats and recommend appropriate solutions.
  3. Art Collection Management
    Services include conducting and maintaining inventories, inspecting collections for condition, overseeing conservation, packing and storage.
  4. Personal Security Services
    Employee/vendor background screening, electronic identity protection, online advisories for personal and business travel, and security system planning and design.
  5. Concierge Claims Services
    You are free to choose your own contractors and repair specialists, or a full cash settlement with no obligation.

Call or email Cathy or Melody today to find out more.


Coverage Feature What it Means Why it Matters
All-risk Coverage Protects against property damage or loss regardless of cause Broadest coverage in the industry
Cash Settlement Option on Contents Option to receive a cash settlement in lieu of replacing lost or damaged property Flexibility at time of loss
Total Loss Cash Settlement Option Option to receive a cash settlement up to the coverage limit, rather than rebuild on the site Flexibility at the time of loss
Guaranteed Rebuilding Cost for dwelling No caps or limitations for rebuilding Rebuild to match exceptional building quality, historic homes and unique structures
Replacement Cost for Contents Damaged personal property can be replaced with new items Reimburses up to the coverage limit without depreciation
High Deductible Options Deductibles available up $100,000 Assuming more of the up-front risk can result in meaningful premium savings
Other Structures and Personal Property Standard Limits: 20% of dwelling coverage for other structures and 50-70% of dwelling coverage for personal property; limits can be adjusted as needed Flexible limits for more precise coverage
Building Ordinance Increased Costs Pays for required upgrades to satisfy local building ordinances when rebuilding property damaged by a covered loss Accounts for mandated increases and rebuilding costs up to the policy limit
Additional Living Expense and Fair Rental Value Unlimited overage for necessary increases in living expenses incurred when the home is uninhabitable due to a covered loss; includes loss of rental income Policyholder can maintain a comparable standard of living while displaced from the home
Additions and Alterations Combined with personal property coverage and into one aggregate limit for condos and co-ops Allows for seamless coverage; simplifies claims process
Personal Property Away from Premises Reimburses up to the highest content limit for any single location on the policy; responds if loss occurs away from any residence the insured owns or lives in Worldwide protection for belongings; no limitation for loss from a car, hotel, etc.
Back-up of Sewers and Drains Compensates for physical damage caused by the backup or overflow of sewers, drains or sump pumps located at your residence Water-related damage is one of the most frequent and costly causes of loss
Damage Caused by Domestic Pets Included for the dwelling, other permanent structures and personal property Typically excluded from most homeowners policies
Landscaping Coverage; Increased Limits Available with increased per item and coverage limits Broad, flexible coverage is ideal for those with elaborate gardens or other landscaping
Property of Domestic Staff and Guests Applies to any residence Added protection for guests and live-in staff
Food Spoilage Provides reimbursement up to the contents limit for spoilage due to temperature changes In addition to spoilage resulting from the interruption of power, coverage responds to mechanical breakdown of refrigeration equipment
Increased Loss Assessment Coverage Covers insured’s share of property assessment If insured is a member of a homeowner’s or condominium association, coverage protects his/her share of the assessment
Fire Department Charges Reimburses charges imposed by law or assumed when fire department responds to a covered residence Insured does not need to worry about out-of-pocket expense
Lock Replacement Responds if the keys to a covered residence are lost or stolen Insured does not need to worry about out-of-pocket expense
Identify Fraud Expense Coverage (Optional) Responds in the event of identity fraud Identity fraud is one of the country’s fastest-growing crimes
Waiver of Deductible (Optional) Deductible of $25,000 or less waives on losses greater than $50,000 Minimizes out-of-pocket expense in the event of a significant loss

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Mass-market insurance providers are not designed to address the unique qualities of historic properties. With Private Client Group distinguishes itself by offering a broad range of comprehensive homeowners’ coverages and the flexibility required to effectively protect historic residences, including:


Coverage Feature What it Means Why it Matters
Follow Form Written to mirror primary flood coverage offered by the National Flood Insurance Program. Coverage and rates have been filed and approved by each state’s Department of Insurance Excess coverage begins where primary flood coverage ends, allowing for seamless protection
High, Flexible Limits Coverage is available up to the full replacement cost of the dwelling Virtually no limits to the amount of coverage

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Coverage Feature What it Means Why it Matters
Worldwide Coverage Personal injury (including libel and slander) and property damage; unlimited owned and non-owned vehicles, homes and watercraft Coverage responds at home and abroad
High Limits Up to $100 million; available in increments of $1 million Flexibility for limits and precise coverage
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Covers accidents in these cases; up to $10 million available Flexibility for limits and precise coverage
Panel Counsel In event of a covered lawsuit, choice of representation from a nationwide network of preeminent defense firms Carriers typically do not permit personal involvement in one’s defense
Expanded Defense Coverage One’s personal attorney can participate in the defense strategy and be reimbursed for reasonable expenses Allows policy holder to play an active role in his/her defense
Employment Practices Liability Coverage (Optional) Covers up to five resident employees; $25,000 for public relations “crisis fund” Protects against allegation of employment-related discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination made by private staff
Charitable Board Liability Coverage (Optional) $1,000,000 of protection on top of existing board coverage; for named insureds who serve on up to five eligible not-for-profit boards Protects personal assets when board liability protection is depleted

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Coverage Feature What it Means Why it Matters
Worldwide Coverage Covers loss/damage while traveling/in transit Facilitates travel with fine collectibles and covers purchases made abroad
Newly Acquired Items Automatic coverage Acquisitions protected at the time of purchase; grace period before adding items to the policy
Care, Custody and Control Provides up to $1 million Facilitates taking items home on loan before confirming purchase
Valuation Clause Covers agreed value or current market value, up to 150% Protects against market volatility; benefits those with well-managed, closely monitored collections
Repair and Restoration Coverage Available upon request Helps preserve value
Wine Coverage Covers damage due to mechanical and/or electrical breakdown of heating, cooling or humidity control systems Wine cellars/refrigeration systems may malfunction and cause irreparable damage
Jewelry Roll-on Coverage Automatic inflation added to jewelry values at renewal Necessary to maintain insurance-to-value
Pair or Set Clause Insured’s choice whether to repair, replace or surrender undamaged items Flexibility at the time of loss
Transit via Common Carrier FedEx and parcel post covered; US mail covered up to $10,000 Transit protocol and shipping/packing advice available; Collection management experts can oversee transit
Coverage at Exhibitions Protects pieces during transportation to/from exhibitions and while on display Security and peace of mind during transit and exhibitions

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Coverage Feature What it Means Why it Matters
Unlimited Capacity Includes physical damage to collector cars, regular-use automobiles and specialty vehicles such as motorcycles and recreational vehicles Virtually unlimited number of vehicles per policy
High Liability Limits Provides up to $1 million combined single limits of $1 million/$1 million split with matching uninsured/underinsured motorist limit Adequate levels of coverage for high-value vehicles
Agreed Value Automobile is insured for an agreed-upon amount; deductible is waived in the event of a total loss Facilitates claims settlement
Original Equipment Manufacturers Parts If repairs must be made, only original manufacturers’ parts will be used Maintains standard of quality
Transportation Expense and Temporary Emergency Living Provides up to $5,000 with no per day limit; temporary emergency living expenses up to $500 if a loss occurs more than 50 miles from customary garaging location Insured may rent a vehicle of comparable value while owned vehicles is repaired/replaced
Towing and Labor; Choice of Repair Shop; Loan/Lease Gap Coverage; Worldwide Liability; Lock Replacement; Airbag Deployment Package of additional coverage is built in at no expense to the policy holder Closes coverage gaps and facilitates claims settlement

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Coverage Feature What it Means Why it Matters
All-risk Wording Accounts for fine art, precautionary measures, additional living expenses Broadest coverage available; accounts for virtually all risks
Consistent Coverage Same degree of coverage for vessels of all sizes; no disadvantages for smaller vessels Adequate coverage for all vessels
Worldwide Navigational Limits Predefined or worldwide navigation based on member’s specific cruising plans Dependable coverage for global voyages
High, Flexible Limits Available for both Hull and P&I limits Capacity for large vessels; limits tailored to meet individual needs
Flexible Deductible Options Can adjust deductible to suit the individual owner’s risk retention needs Assuming more of the up-front risk may result in meaningful premium savings
Pollution Protection Full P&I limit coverage for pollution; additional coverage for marine environmental damage Increased environmental scrutiny and tighter regulations have led to growing pollution liability costs
Crew Coverage P&I coverage for crew claims under the federal Jones Act Mandatory coverage
Automatic Coverage for Newly Acquired Vessels Provides immediate Hull and P&I coverage for newly purchased tenders or vessels Acquisitions protected at the time of purchase


Product Description
Insurance for Family Offices
  • Ability to handle independent and multifamily offices
  • Errors and omissions
  • Professional liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Employment practices liability
Kidnap and Ransom and Extortion Coverage
  • Limits to $50,000,000
  • Includes ransom, extortion, wrongful detention and hijacking
  • Pre-incident consultation and training
  • Coverage for jets, helicopters and other privately owned aircraft
  • High limits of liability and physical damage
  • Coverage for hangars and private runways
Employment Practices Liability Coverage
  • Standalone policy for insureds whose private staff exceeds five employees
  • Limits up to $1,000,000/$1,000,000 and $2,000,000/$2,000,000
  • $25,000 crisis fund available
Workers’ Compensation
  • For insureds who employ private staff
  • Nationwide coverage
  • One policy for all staff
  • Limits up to $1,000,000
Group Excess Liability Insurance
  • Employer-sponsored personal umbrella coverage for high net worth employees
  • Potential sponsors: Fortune 500 companies; law and accounting firms; banks, private equity or money management firms; large family offices
  • Higher limits (up to $50 million)
  • Discounts from individually purchased coverage
  • Ease of use; no need to notify insured or pay additional premium as belongings or individuals are added to the policy

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