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Your employees’ ability to earn an income is one of your firm’s most valuable assets – and an asset that is certainly worth protecting.

Group Long Term and Short Term Disability provide your employees with a cushion of security should they become disabled from an injury or illness. The benefit to the employee is financial security while on disability. The benefit to the employer is that most disability plans have a Back-To-Work incentive built in. It is a win – win for both employer and employee.

Should the unexpected injury or illness occur, disability insurance provides that personal and corporate safety net that we all need.

  • Ware offers insurance carriers with affordable rates and plan options that are right for your situation.  You determine the percentage of income replaced and length of time that’s appropriate.
  • Most of the carriers we represent will work with employees to help with recovery time and return to work, where appropriate.

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Risk Management & Educational Programs

The Ware Company is pleased to facilitate client service and educational programs through our strategic industry partnerships:

  • Workers Compensation
    1. NCCI/Experience Modification maintenance Program
    2. Thorough Subcontract Agreements
    3. Return to Work Programs
    4. Defined Physician Panel
    5. Mock OSHA Inspections
  • State-Compliant Drug Free Workplace Programs
    1. On-site, cost-effective Drug Testing program
  • Drive Safety Program
    1. Thorough Training
    2. Vehicle Maintenance Program

As business people, not only are we focused on smart solutions to managing risk, we’re well versed and well connected in all aspects of safety, health and environmental regulation.

"Anyone can write a check. In every situation, we know that our clients are taking a risk along with us. That’s why we try to be a resource of information and services when life is quiet and during times of crisis.”

Sidney Kellam
President/Life & Group Benefits Executive,
Ware Insurance