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It’s simple. We have made it our mission to minimize your risk.

Unlike other brokers, we begin with risk management. Why? It’s not our priority to sell you insurance. Our goal is to reduce your potential for loss – from small setbacks to large disasters. And when we reduce your loss potential, we save you money. That’s the advantage of partnering with Ware.

At Ware, we offer customized solutions. After meeting with you, we design insurance, bonding and loss minimization programs to precisely fit your company’s special needs. But that’s not all we offer. With Ware, you have the benefit of our expertise on all forms of business property and casualty insurance, professional liability plans, bonds, employee benefit plans, executive protection and family insurance coverage.

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We work with you to determine the strategies and coverage that best suit your business or personal needs:

  • Risk analysis and identification

We assess the various sources of risk for you or your company and evaluate tolerance levels.

  • Customized risk management programs

By understanding your areas of vulnerability, our team will research and develop the best combination of price, service and coverage so that you get the most value from your assets.

  • Ongoing support and educational programs

Our team stays in regular contact with you and your company to make sure your program is up to date.  We also offer many educational and informational programs at no additional cost.